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Welcome to my online Pre-K classroom!

The year is coming to an end! We are on the final two units of the curriculum. We will be learning about shadows and reflections, and making it move! Your child will come home talking about the differences between a shadow and a relfection, how shadows change and why, and how to make things move by pushing, pulling, ramps, etc. Graduation for the future kindergarteners is Wednesday, May 23rd. We will have an awards ceremony for the entire class following graduation! I hope to see you all there!‚Äč

Just a few reminders:

*Please be sure to send a blanket with your child for nap time. It must be a smaller size blanket, no quilts or comforters please. 

*We also do not allow stuffed animals, this is to get your child ready for kindergarten where they will not be allowed either. 

*Please send a backpack to school with your child every day! 

A few notes:
Any time you would like to come to the classroom please check in at the front desk and get a visitor’s badge. This is a requirement for the entire district! 

Dismissal is at 2 o’clock at the north side of the building. You may drive through and pick up your student, or walk up to the table. Please have your I.D. with you at the time of pick up! If it is raining or cold, we will be sitting inside the building. 

We also have a Bailey Inglish facebook page you should definitely check out. 

If there will be a change for your child’s daily transportation please notify me beforehand. If it is an emergency change please send a hand written note. It must be hand written, because I cannot accept phone calls as a change of transportation.

If your child will be absent or is suffering an illness, please give me a call! We will work with you with our absence policies.

We send home a Tuesday folder every week. This folder will contain important information. Please try to return this folder by the following Friday or as soon as possible.

Last year we created a special place for parents and students, our Parent Cafe. It is a room dedicated to families wanting to spend some extra time together. There are books, games, and activities you may check out! If you have any questions about it’s location or what is available please do not hesitate to ask!




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School Phone:
9035838141 ext 2156
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