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About Me

Educational History:

  • Graduated Bonham High School
  • Attended Tyler Junior College
  • BS from the University of Texas at Tyler
  • Master’s Degree from Commerce A&M University

Degrees and Certifications:

  • BS in Elementary Early Childhood Education (PK-6)
  • BS in Elementary Self-Contained (PK-6)
  • Certification in English as a Second Language (PK-6)
  • Master’s in School Counseling (EC-12)

Professional Development:

I have attended many professional development conferences over the years.  These included trainings in Conscious Discipline, ESL, Early Childhood, and Computer Science.  I have also attended National Head Start Conferences in different states that address all the aspects of the program.  Each year, teachers are required to attend trainings that enhance their performance in the school setting.

Current Position:

  • I began teaching in the Bonham Independent School District in 2005.
  • I have taught 16 years in this distict.
  • We teach all subjects in Head Start.
  • My educational philosophy is that all students can learn.  It is my job to provide opportunities for each student in which they can have positive learning experiences. I teach because I love to work with children, findi a way to reach each child, and to provide experiences that make learning enjoyable.
  • My campus is filled with professionals that really work to educate each child to the best of our abilities. Many positive learning opportunities are provided for each child and family.  The staff is caring and really love the opportunity of working with the families of Fannin County.

Previous Position:

  • I started my teaching career in 1991.
  • I taught for 5 years for the Tyler Independent School District and 3 for Arlington Independent School District.
  • I worked for several different Day Cares while I was attending high school and college.  Activities were planned that would help students learn and be creative

Family Information:

familyMy Nephews

I was born and raised in Bonham.  I left Bonham to attend college.  I married and lived in Tyler where I taught school.  I divorced and moved to the Dallas area and also taught school.  I did not have children of my own but helped raise my nephew.  I have a Yorkie named Dusty and he is my sidekick at all times.  My mom taught school and was a principal for Bonham Independent School District for 42 years.  I have one sister who also resides in Bonham and grew up attending Bonham schools.  My nephew and his wife have two children and live in Bonham.


Personal Information:

My Mom and II am a third generation teacher for Bonham ISD.  My grandmother taught for many years and my mom was a principal for the district.  I enjoy keeping my great nephews in my spare time.  They are nine and ten years old.  I also enjoy reading and shopping. 

My favorite quote is from Dr. Suess:

      “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot.  Nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”


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