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Class Expectations

  • My Expectations 
    1. Students will be encouraged to develop kindergarten readiness skills. 
    2. I will facilitate activities that allow students to develop social and emotional skills. 
    3. I will develop individual goals based on students needs and monitor progress for achievement. 
    4. I will encourage family involvement.   
    5. Students will be encouraged to develop independent skills and personal hygiene.  
    Classroom Rules 
    1. We use inside voices. 
    2. We use listening ears. 
    3. We use walking feet. 
    4. We raise our hand. 
    5. We share and take turns.   
    We are very excited about using technology in the classroom. We will use technology in our classroom to help children grow educationally!  In our classroom each student has an I Pad, and we have a promethean.  We are very lucky to have all this technology on hand to use to help foster a love of learning. 
    We use technology every day in our class! We listen to letter, number and shape songs. The children have an opportunity to play educational games during center time on their IPads. 

  • School Supplies 
    All school supplies will be provided by Fannin County Head Start. 
    Please provide a backpack for your child with a change of clothes.