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Class Expectations


Class Rules

Hands and feet to yourself.

Inside voices in the classroom.

Sit appropriately on your space during group.

Always use walking feet in the building.

Follow Directions

Always Do Your Best.

Listen Carefully.


Expectations of Parents


I expect my students to be at school as much as possible and to arrive on time.  Each student needs a backpack and change of clothes.  Please look for Tuesday Folders in your child’s backpack and return with signed paperwork by Thursday of each week.  Two home visits are required of all students.  We will be doing these in October and February.  Please return signed home visit notes promptly.


Technology in Our Classroom


We have iPads in our classroom.  Each student has the opportunity during center time to play on the iPad.  Each iPad has educational games on it.  We also use the laptop to take our CLI Engage test that we use to show growth over the school year. A Smart Board is used with the students daily.  We do attendance, calendar and daily news using the Smart Board each morning.  Students may use it to draw and write during centers.  It is used throughout the day during learning activities.