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Educational History:

In 1983 I graduated from Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS. with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Special Education.  In 1999, I graduated from Kansas State University at Manhattan, KS. with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on Special Education. 

Professional Development:

In 2017 summer I attended the PECS workshop which is Picture Exchange Communication System, I have been using it for the last 3 years but now I am better able to understand the system. 

This last summer 2020, Mrs. DeVore and myself attended the 3 day conference titled Now4Ever that is hosted by Region 10 through Zoom.  This year there was close to 900 Early Education professionals learning more on the aspect of Developmental Aspects with young children.  It was nice to hear some of the newer techniques out there and also reintegrating the importance of them with young children.  

Current Position:

This will be my 5th year at Bailey Inglish as the ECSE(Early Childhood Special Education) teacher in a Blended classroom, I am looking forward to an exciting year with lots of fun and new activities. 

Previous Position:

I started teaching in 1983 when I graduated from Fort Hays State University in Hays,KS where I also finished my ROTC commitment.  I needed to do my Active duty for the United States Army which lasted until October of that year.  I then started teaching as the K-12th Special Education teacher.  The Military Police unit that I was Platoon Leader for was in Great Bend,KS. which was 6 hours from where I taught so after a year I decided to move closer to my unit.  I picked up a K-12th Special Education teacher position that was 30 minuets from my unit.  In this program we taught year round since we did Extended summer services.  During this period of time my husband lost his job in the oil fields so we started moving in the northern states for a Welding Fabrication company that worked in packing houses.  I worked in the Minnesota State Hospital on the head trauma floor which I learned a great deal.  After this we moved to Marshalltown,IA  where I was introduced to the Head Start program, I was working for the County Daycare and they asked me to teach for a new program they were piloting, it was for 2 year olds.  We spent 2 years there and decided we wanted to be closer to family in KS.  We moved to Salina,KS where I taught for 26 years, the first 9 years I was a Head Start teacher, then I finished my Masters.  I then taught for 14 years as a Middle School Resource room teacher, I was wanting to get back to younger children so a Functional teacher position opened up in a 3rd to 5th grade classroom.

Family Information:

My husband and I were married in 1985 at Great Bend,KS..  We have two beautiful daughters that brought us down to Texas, our youngest daughter Whitney,  is married to Damien Square who has two wonderful little girls- Jada and Kennedy and a newborn Dr’e they live in McKinney.  Our oldest daughter Lacey got married last year May 4, 2019 in Arlington.  We are pleased and excited about having Chad Wallace join our family, they have built a new home in Granbury, TX..  My husband Bob passed away last year due to cancer, during that time I want to say Thank You to the family at BonhamISD who helped us through a very tough time.  

Personal Information:

In my spare time I like to swim in our salt water pool, sew, and read.


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