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Units of Study

Curriculum Units

4’s (OWL)




Aug. 7-11;14-15   Staff Development/Work Days

Aug. 16 Orientation/Social Emotional 

Aug.21 Orientation/Social Emotional


                                Unit 1 Welcome New Friends


Aug. 28 You and Me                     

Sept. 4 Let’s Be Friends (Sept. 4- Holiday) 

Sept. 11       Friends to the Rescue  

Sept. 18 Friends Working and Playing Together 


                                        Unit 2 My Family


Sept. 25 Meet My Family 

Oct. 2 Caring and Sharing 

Oct. 9 We All Help (Oct.13- Staff Development)(Oct.12-End of 1st Nine Weeks)

Oct. 16 Family Fun (Oct.20-CLI Engage Wave One due)


_______________End of CLI Engage Wave One___________


                                    Unit 3 Our Community


Oct. 23 All Around Our Community 

Oct. 30 On the Job                                                                              

Nov. 6 The Places We Go

Nov. 13 All Kinds of Communities (Nov.17-Early Dismissal) 

Nov. 20-24 (Thanksgiving Holidays)


                                  Unit 4- Life on a Farm


Nov. 27 Welcome to the Farm 

Dec. 4 Out in the Fields 

Dec. 11 Winter/Winter Holidays (Dec.15- End of 2nd Nine Weeks)

Dec. 18-Jan. 1 No School

Jan. 2 In the Barnyard (Jan. 2-Work Day)

Jan. 8 From the Farm To You 


                                 Unit 5- From Jungle to Desert


Jan. 15 Journey to the Jungle (Jan.15- Staff Development)                                    

Jan. 22 Jungle Animals 

Jan. 29 A Trip to the Desert (Feb. 2-CLI Engage Wave Two due)


_______________End of CLI Engage Wave 2__________

Feb. 5 Desert Animals  


                              Unit 6- Earth and Sky


Feb. 12 Daytime to Nightime

Feb. 19 Weather Watch (Feb. 19- Holiday)

Feb. 26 From Season to Season 

Mar. 5 Planet Patrol (Mar. 9- Staff Development)(March 8- End of 3rd Nine Weeks)

 Mar. 12-16 Spring Break


                           Unit 7- Shadows and Reflections


Mar. 19   My Shadow and Me 

Mar. 26 Shadows Big and Small (Mar. 30- Holiday) 

April 2 Reflections

April 9 Now You See It, Now You Don’t


                         Unit 8- Make It Move

April 16 Every Which Way                        

April 23 Push and Pull (CLI Engage Wave Three due-April 27)


______________End of CLI Engage Wave Three__________


April 30 Wind Power  

May 7 Moving Machines

May 14 Nursery Rhymes (May 14- Bad Weather Day)

May 21 Teacher’s Choice/Review (May 21- Bad Weather Day)

(May 24-Early dismissal) (May 25-Work Day)